Zksync Era Complete Airdrop Guide

How to Participate In zksync Era Mainnet ?

Hello Viewer welcome To another Mind-blowing web Article on zksync Era. In this Article we are Talking About zksync Era Mainnet Task + Some Tips to get Rewai in the form Of Airdrop. So Let's Begin.

If You Missed Our Previous Video On zksync lite Than You Need to Watch First this Video : https://youtu.be/dhohKdgzGW8

In this video We already Talk About How Zksync lite Work if You intract with this Project Than You easily get Airdrop once Team confirm. 

How To Add Zksync ERA Network On Metamask ?

Step 1 : Goto Add Network if You don't Know how to add network Than read this Article Metamask Complete Guide

Step 2 : Add Network zksync Era Mainnet

Link : https://chainlist.org/chain/324

Step 3 : Deposit Atleast 250$ On Your Ethereum Network 

How to Use zksync Era Bridge ?

Step 1 : Connect Your Wallet With Zksync Era Mainnet Network

   Currently Fees Is High So wait And Try after Some Time.

If fees Under 15$ Is Valuable For this Otherwise Wait don't Spend More Fees.

Step 2 : Use Another Bridge

Step 3 : Connect Your Wallet With Cbridge 

How To Use Swaps On zksync Era Mainnet ? 

Step 1 : Connect Your wallet With Syncswap 

Link : https://syncswap.xyz/

Step 2 : Use Swap function + add Some Liquidity.

Step 3 : Connect Your Wallet Another Swap Spaceswap 

Link : https://swap-zksync.spacefi.io/#/swap

How To Mint Nft On zksync Era Mainnet ?

Step 1 : Connect Your Wallet With Mint Square.

Link : https://mintsquare.io/zksync

Step 2 : First Click On Mint tab 

Step 3 : Add Image Of Your Nft add General Details Including Name And Attributes.

Step 4 : Than Mint Your Own Nft.

Step 5 : Click Explore And Mint Another Valuable Project Nft For Future Reward.

I Mintes 7 Zkmingo Nft 

Step 6 : Connect Wallet With kreatorland Nft Marketplace.

Link : https://kreatorland.com/

Step 7 : Complete Atleast 1 Nft Transction On this Platform.

How To Mint Domin On zksync Era Mainnet ? 

Step 1 : Connect Your Wallet With Zksync Name Service

Link : https://zns.is/0xCa8e1ABddFC8bC818c231eC2669D8f0f7559800d

Step 2 : Mint Unique Domin On zksync Era Blockchain. 

Step 3 : zns Future Airdrop Also Possible 

Some Usefull Link For Future Help 

Zksync Ecosystem : https://ecosystem.zksync.io/

Crypto cult Telegram : https://t.me/cryptocultclub

Thank you for joining us You are precious to us 

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