Drip Account Unban Trick 2023

 Drip Unlimited Account Unban Trick 2023

What is Drip ? How We earn Money From Drip ? 

Drip Haus is a Web3 Platform They give You free Nft every Week. Currently There Is no Usecase Of this Nft it's Currently Collection base Nft you Hold more Nft For Creating Your oldest Art Portfolio. By drip.

Drip is a product Of solana space And it's totally Inspired By Many art Project On solana blockchain In drop Haus you can earn my by collecting Nft every Week and sell on public marketplace build on solana like magiceden And more..

In drip Haus you will get one Drip code every week You can share your drip code with your friend and increase users chain..

But many users are taking benifit of this idea so they made Unlimited account on and use code yourself. And every week they burn Nft in solana burn machnism 

So this is a loophole of this project many users are burning their Nft in high price.

And they banned many users account in last few days.. 

What precautions We need to Implement before using This project ? 

• Don't Made Unlimited Account in One device 

• Don't Burn your Nfts 

• Don't use drip code by yourself

• Don't Share Nft in one place

• Don't use multiple Trick 

How I Made Multiple Account in One Device Without Ban issue ? 

Following Some Steps : 

1) Use always Wallet Dapp like messi Browser, kiwi browser, Token pocket, yandex, safepal

2) Don't use In app Phantom wallet.

3) Don't Made Multiple Wallet On one Seed phrase

4) How to make Unlimited Account on phantom by using Unban Trick.
   • 1 - Download Phantom Wallet Extension In your wallet 
   • 2 - Now On Airplane Mode And Off After 2 Minutes
   • 3 - Create New account in Extension Save Copy seed phrase and Write in You Daily or Note-book 
   • 4 - Remove Extension Clear Data And clear Catch Of you Browser
   • 5 - Now repeat Step 1,2,3,4 Again and Again  

5) How to burn Nft or Sell Drip Nft Without Banning ? 

  • 1 - Collect 500+ Nft First 
  • 2 - Send All collect Nft In One Wallet Please Dont Send in Drip account Made another Account than Send 

  • 3 - Now you Can Sell All Nfts Without Fear 🚀💥

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