Arbitum Dao Governance

 How to Interact With Arbitum After Biggest AirDrop In History.

Full Guidence  : 

How to Deposit $ARB on Metamask ?

Step 1- Add Arbitum One Network on You Metamask. 

Link :

Step 2- Connect Your Wallet And search Arbitum One 

Step 3- Click Add to Metamask And Add network Successfully 

Step 4- Add $ARB Token In your Metamask 

Click add New Token And Contract Address 

Address :- 0x912CE59144191C1204E64559FE8253a0e49E6548

Step 5- Copy Address 

Step 6- Open Any Centerlised Exchange Like Binance bybit mexc 

Step 7- Buy 5 to 10 $ARB token Current Price is 1.22$ So it's best time To buy 

Step 8- Click Withdrawal And Paste Your address 

Step 9- Select Arbitum One Chain Don't send Token Other chain 

Step 10- Confirm Payment and Wait some time Arbitum Transction Is very fast to Take Arrive 1 to 5 Minutes only 

How to Participate In $ARB Dao governance ?

Step 1 : Click This link 

Link :

Step 2 : Connect Your Metamask Wallet and Scroll Down 

Step 3 : Click Delegate

Step 4 : Now You can see Tally Delegate website Is open 

Step 5 : Connect your Wallet And sign In

Step 6 : Scroll Down And you will See 2 Option Create a New Proposal And Delegate

Step 7 : Click Delegate And Click Delegate My self Confirm Transction And Your Delegation is complete 

Now wait for New Proposal i will Inform Every Proposal On telegram So don't Forget To join Telegram 

Still Many Users Getting AirDrop By All Arbitum Chain project Like Shell Protocol And Gmx Type..

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