Sunflower Land basic to Pro strategy Gameplay

 Sunflower Land Basic to Advance

In this article, I will tell you some interesting strategy and Basic game details, I 100% sure if you read this article You don't get any problem while playing also you can make your own Strategy for better return 

Today's Topics 

  • ♦️ Basic Components Details
  • ♦️ How to manage Lands and crops
  • ♦️ How to Earn $SFL Token Faster after Level 6
  • ♦️ Selling and Buying Crops 
  • ♦️ Top 5 strategy you can boost your earning
  • ♦️ Pro tips and tricks
  • ♦️ Pre cautions while playing
  • ♦️ Conclusion and Results after 30 Days gameplay 

📁 Basic components Details 


Investment and earning Idea🎮 

Investment - 10 $MATIC Including fees

Earning.      - Made 10 $SFL per day 


• Hold atleast 5.5 Matic in your metamask wallet

• Pay 0.5 Matic in any cherity for donation ( Recommend donate in water cherity)

• You Need to wait some time. While minting you Fresh New land You need to pay $5 For you Land and NFT 

How to Buy, sell and harvest my crops ?

⭕ In game Opening You will get 3 Sunflower in your land. 

⭕ Harvest All 3 Sunflower 🌻 By click on each Sunflower 🌻 

⭕ Goto market Sell And buy more 6 sunflower seeds 🌻

       And add in your farm Wait 1 Minutes and harvest Again.

⭕ Buy 12 seed deployed and harvest

     Do this process Again and again 

You will see Your sunflower stock is over 

⭕ than buy Another seeds and Harvest 


How to use Crops to level up Of bumpkin ?

⭕ Goto Fire pit Make Some food For your Bumpkin 

⭕ For making Food you need to get Some Crops like potatoes for Making Food 

 In beginning you need to make Mashed potato soup for increasing Your level 

So harvest 10 potatoes and Make Mashed potatoes soup 

    Wait some time and claim you Food by clicking on fire pit

⭕ Now click on Feed Bumpkin And Click On EAT 

 You will see your Bumpkin has completed level.1 and move to level 2

When you increase your level than you got some skills point So every skills point Is helping to Boost your land ability. And earn more token while harvest crops Cutting tree break Stone 

In this article i also tell you about How skills combination is working well and boost your earning.

How to get Wood , Stones ? 

⭕ First you need to Build Work bench

⭕ Click on Workbench and Buy some AXE in 0.0625 $SFL 

⭕ Now click any Tree 3 times than you will get some Wood and After cutting you need to wait 2h for restore

⭕ For stones you need to have Atleast 3 wood pieces for making Pickaxe 

⭕ Pickaxe is used for Stone same process like wood 

You can use wood and stone for building and expending you land.

What is restock coupon and how to use it ?

⭕ Restock card is used to get seed stocks back 

⭕ Every quality seed having limited stocks like sunflower having 400 seeds , potatoes having 200 

⭕ First you need to buy all seeds in all categories than buy 5 restock card and use only 1 in starting 

⭕ You can you 1 restock card to full all seed stocks in your inventory you don't need to pay another card for different variety of seed one card full all categories stock 

What is achivement ? Any benifits ??

Achievement is the part of every game if you achieve any Quest and task than you will get some extra prize like token rate nfts and foods 

⭕ You can see you achivement by clicking on bumpkin 

⭕ Than you can see all your achievements below skills section.

⭕ You can read all task on every quest if you full fill all conditions than you will get some extra benifits while playing game.

📁 How to manage Land & Crops ? 

This strategy make you strong while crop and harvest 

First talk about land 

I played this game and I face issue many issues insufficient of $SFL token first you need to collect atleast 5 $SFL token 

If you have sufficient balance than you buy some $SFL i really tell you i deposit 20 $SFL and waste in crops. 

If you buy $SFL don't buy any crops with your purchasing $SFL use this token to expend your land and making building.

If you expend your land than this is good strategy to get better return while selling your land. 

If you build any building like kitchen so they gives you better return than crops 

Now you how you can manage your crops.

Give atleast 1h to your land in a day 

When I complete my Lvl 5 than i build a kitchen and i grow larger time frame crops like reddish and wheat because this crops making a high xp food and increase my bumpkin levels 

If your level is under 5 than try to grow carrot and making food with carrot.

📁 How to Earn $SFL Token Faster after Level 6

After completing level 6 you need to build kitchen first. 

And full focus on growing trees and stone 

In marketplace wood and stone price is higher than crops.

And focus on Bumpkin level

 when you cross level 10 tha. Treasure land is open and they gives you better $SFL tokens while completing tasks 

📁 Selling and Buying Crops

⭕ You can buy and Sell crops In game as well as Openseas Market place 

Link :

⭕ After Completing Level 5 You Goto Market And buy crops grow. Than sell if you want to know how to sell than check next step 

⭕ How to sell first goto Goblin Retreat

⭕ Than goto storage

⭕ Select Delivery And click on Crops those you want to sell on Opensea but remember Every crop Take 30% and goto Goblin treasury

⭕ After Selecting Crops Than click to deliver and Sell.your Crops in your price 


📁 Top 5 strategy you can boost your earning

Coming Soon... 

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