Layer 3 potential Airdrop 2023

Earn Bounty - Earn Rewards 

What is layer 3 ? 

Layer3 is a platform that enables anyone to discover and (re)discover web3.

We curate unique, seamless, interactive experiences that enable anyone—regardless of skill—to explore the magic of web3. These are known as Quests. 

Quests show users how to use and further explore Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Web3 Gaming, Web3 Social, Layer2 Scaling Solutions, and everything in between. 

  • Enable users to discover the best that Web3 has to offer.
  • Enable web3 projects to acquire, retain, and engage the right users.

With Layer3 as your guide, you’ll never get lost—and you’ll be sure to experience the magic of crypto along the way.

What is Quest (Bounty) ?

Quests are a combination of on & off-chain actions that guide users on a journey through a web3 product. 

As users complete actions, Layer3 instantly verifies that the user has completed the actions before unlocking the next step.

Users receive experience points (XP), Layer3 Achievements, and commemorative NFTs for participating.

How do they work?

  • Users select which Quest they want to participate
  • Users complete actions (answer quiz, make a swap, mint in-game sword, etc)
  • Layer3 instantly verifies that the user completed the action before unlocking the next
  • Users receive Experience Points (XP), and in some cases will also receive an off-chain Achievement and/or Commemorative NFT

Layer 3 Full steps Guide

Website link :

1) Connect your wallet using the Connect wallet button. 

If you're new to crypto, we suggest reading this article on how to set up a MetaMask wallet.

2) Once connected, you'll be redirected to our Explore Page (below).

3) Complete your profile. By connecting your social media accounts and Banner and photo 

4) Click into the Quest (or individual Bounty) that interests you most. Example Quest below.

5) Read the Quest overview, then jump into the first challenge.

Complete guide about login and quest now talking about some tips and tricks for AirDrops hunting.

For increasing chance in AirDrop tips

  • Increase level atleast 20+ 
  • Earn XP 35k + 
  • Complete more achievements.
  • Increase GM streak every morning 
  • Complete all free bounty
  • Collect more Nfts because this Nft is very valuable when token launch. 

Some risks factor also : 

Don't miss any branded bounty like 

• polygon • Layer3 • Arbitum • Op

Without my interaction don't interact with paid dapps.

Set 1 target - 1 bounty max investment 0.5 Dollor 👀 don't invest high wait for cheaper Bounty

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