How to use Metamask Wallet

How to use Metamask Wallet.In this blog i will tell you All basic of Metamask. How can I use metamask. You can also learn about all Metamask wallet function. In this blog i will tell you about Metamask extension. also how to use Metamask extension in mobile. So let's do it 

What is Metamask ?

Metamask is a Crypto currency wallet. It contains all types of Crypto coin on different different chains We can store our crypto coin without linking mobile number and e-mail. It's 100% safe when you safe your private keys and secret phrase if your lost your private key and phrase than never login again and your whole fund is trapped in blockchain. You can assess your account in different different wallet like Trustwallet, safepal wallet hardware wallet with the help of blockchain technology. In blockchain technology your funds are in blocks if you want to access your fund than you need to pay gas fees. If someone hack your wallet than they transfer your all fund without your permission. So your key your Crypto.

What is Metamask extension ?

Metamask extension is a type of tool thats you can access your account in pc, laptop and mobile metamask extension gives you many facilities. Like signin, confirming payment, Linkin, and connect your account with any website easily. 

What is Metamask Mobile app ?

Metamask Mobile is a mobile wallet you can use this wallet without entering Passward you just need to enter phrases and key one time and use wallet without getting error Also you can do all same thing like extension but you cannot connect all website with this wallet you can also use in dapp browser for browsing any website.

How to Set-up Metamask wallet ?

If you want to make Metamask in pc, laptop than you need to have any browser (Chrome, brave,firefox) 
You also watch our video on YouTube 

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If you want to make Metamask in Mobile using extension you need to download any advance browser (Kiwi browser, yendex browser) 
You can watch mobile extension video on YouTube

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If you want to Make metamask wallet in Metamask Mobile application you need to download metamask from Google Play Store and follow this steps carefully 👇

1. Open Metamask application and Click get started 

2. Import wallet if you already have otherwise make new wallet 

3. You will see your address is here after wallet set-up this address is very use full you can use this address in Many AirDrop and payment receiving

How to secure metamask keys and secret phrase ?

In tha Era of Crypto you can see many users lost their fund because of some mistakes like sharing secret keys and code to their friends but guys please understand we are in 2023 we cannot trust anyone in this life if you not aware about your money than you can't survive more time in this world but i have many tips how to secure your fund in any condition if you sharing your secret keys to your friends than your funds safe in any way first we look how Scammer are hack your wallet without getting any information of your account 

1. If you connect your main wallet to any website than sometime website is see your private key because of privacy issues but you can save your wallet by using simple ways 

2. If you save your keys and phrases on you mobile anywhere like Google, documents, memo anywhere than high chances hacker hack your device and leak your private keys and secret phrase.

3. If you share your keys with you friends and family than high chances anyone access your wallet without your permission. And you cannot track anyone particular

4. Police and cyber crime don't track your wallet because of blockchain technology if your wallet address tranfer your fund to another address so how they track hacker location because blockchain is made up of blocks and it's very high advance technology not one track hacker with the help of wallet address. 

But but but... I have a tips and tricks if hacker hack your wallet without your permission your funds cannot go anywhere but sometimes you need to care your wallets your self before started my tips you can see how private keys and seed phrases looks 

Private keys 👇
In your metamask you can see a option of private keys if you share your keys than anyone can access your wallet without your permission 

Private keys demo photo 

Secret phrase (Seed phrases)👇
In your metamask you can see a option of secrets phrases your can tell seed phrases also this seed phrases is a combination of 12 word and 24 word if anyone combine this word in a row so anyone can access your wallet but it's very hard because of technology.
Secret phrase demo photo 

Now following this tips 👇

Tip 1. Make atleast 4 wallet if you don't know how to make more wallet in single device than read this blog till the end 

Tip 2. If you have 4 Wallet than you can change names of wallet

   Wallet 1. Main wallet in this wallet you can store your all crypto assist like token nfts and this is your main wallet so don't login in your device.

   Wallet 2. Secondary wallet in this wallet you can store main token for fees like bnb, eth, matic don't hold more than 1 or 2 Dollor worth of token and you can login this wallet in your extension but don't link every website you can link this wallet only trusted websites 

     Wallet 3 or more. Burner wallet in this wallet you can't store any asset like nfts and assist and you can also link this wallet and share their Seed phrases with your this wallet if you got any crypto in reward of AirDrops than you send all assets in your secondary or main wallet.

Tip 2. You can write your seedphrase on your notebook don't write main and secondary wallet phrases in your mobile. But you can write burner wallet seed phrases on your Mobile.

Tip 3. If any website login your wallet and try to tranfer any asset it will need gas fees but your burner wallet is empty so they need to deposit some fund 😉😁 but no one add funds. 

What is Network ? 

Network is a type of function that can help you in payment on various and specific blockchain in 2023 we have thousands of chain including testnet and mainnet if you send 1 dollor worth of matic than how blockchain find which network user send crypto than they develop blockchain network you can send any asset on specific network if you send bnb than you need to select bnb you need to pay gas fees in bnb if you want to send matic than you need to have polygon network and fees in the form of matic and how you can add more networks in your wallet so read next topic.

How to add Network ? As well as token ?

Currently you can only add network in metamask application and extention if you want to add network in Trustwallet than you need to take help of trust wallet extension but today in this blog i will tell you how to add network in metamask with 2 method. Let's start 🚀

Method 1 : Add network with the help of Website 

Website link :

Step 1 : First you need to click on connect wallet and connect you wallet add any network. Like Polygon binance smart chain and avalanche. You can see all network in below image 👇 

Step 2 : Than you can see you wallet is linked successful after your confirmation than you can check on add to metamask than you can get another confirmation in metamask approved and you network is successfully add. if you don't see any network than you can search also 

Step 3 : If you want to add any testnet network you can tick on testnet network. You can see all testnet network including Mainnet.

Method 2 : Add network with the help of RPC (Remote Procedure Call)

Before Learning RPC you need to know how RPC work usually all chains are made by blockchain and blockchain is made on block technology so each and every blocks need to find which network are you choose to transfer fund so RPC is the part who take this responsibility to distribute chains in single technology many new project don't launch in globally so some project are making chains but don't uploaded in website so they gives RPC in the form of codes and link you need to paste all codes and links carefully than you can add correct network on your wallet. Let's start how RPC added in metamask wallet. 

Step 1 : First you need to click on ADD NETWORK 

  Note :- In this blog i will add Binance smart chain network in my metamask wallet 


Network name        : BNBChain
New RPC URL          :
Chain ID                    : 56
Currency symbol   : BNB
Block explorer URL (optional)

Step 2 : click on add custom network this function only see in metamask Mobile application you cannot see this function in extension

Step 3 : Type all RPC code and link in specific blocks if any box fill wrong information than they give you alert 

Step 4 : you can see your network is added in wallet and you will see your balance

Step 5 : In this step i will tell you how to add any Crypto token by using Token address click here 👇

Step 6 : If you don't know how to get token address than you can take help of coin market cap 

Step 7 : now click on custom token if you select bsc network than we need to get token address in bsc chain 

Step 8 : now you can select any token on coin Market cap i select USDT but you can also select those token who listed on coin Market cap if any token not listed than you get token address via project social media accounts

Step 9 : many chain you can see here but if you need USDT token address in specific chain than copy token address.

Step 10 : now paste on token address block than wait 2 to 3 sec for updating token I'd and symbols if you get both than click on import

Step 11 : now you can see your token is show on metamask wallet.

Step 12 : some projects made scam token so you can't add this token without confirmation and mistakly you add these type of token than do tranfer anywhere hold token without sending anywhere.

How to send and receive Crypto currency ? 

In this topic i will tell you how to send Crypto token 1 address to another address also receiving any crypto assest in you wallet. For sending any token you need to have sufficient gas fees gas fees price are unstable so sometimes you can pay high fees some time you can pay less fees so if you are from india try to sending payment at night because fees is very less at that time. Let's start the topic

In this vlog I will sending 1 USDT on matic chain and as well as receiving 1 USDT on matic chain 

For sending Crypto via wallet 

Step 1 : You need to copy address and select in which network are you sending token

Step 2 : paste wallet address send token and pay gas fees

If you want to receive crypto than you need to copy your wallet address

How to make unlimited Metamask wallet in single device ?

If you want to make unlimited account than you need to follow some steps 

If you are making wallet in mobile so use kiwi browser for unlimited account don't use you metamask application

If you are making Wallet in your pc laptop than you need to have 2 browser chrome and brave in pc you can add your secondary wallet in chrome and add all your burner wallet in brave 

Don't use kiwi while connecting on any side because of ip issues always use vpn for surffing any website 

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