Entangle Protocol AirDrop Earn Upto $100 Dollor

Entangle envisions a barrier-free future where protocols on every chain are interconnected, reducing the inherent complexities of DeFi from a user and developer perspective. 

To usher in a new generation of DeFi dApps, Entangle builds an interoperable cross-chain liquidity sub-layer with a custom oracle solution to power two native dApps: Synthetic Vaults & Entangle Stablecoin (EnUSD).

Entangle $ENTGL Token Utility

Entangle Token $ENTGL is an ERC20 token and used for:

  • Staking as a Validator or Delegator ensuring the security of Entangle Blockchain
  • Governance rights in the Entangle DAO
  • Running a Keeper Oracle
  • Utilizing Entangle Oracle Solution
  • Gas Fees on the Entangle Blockchain

$ENTGL Tokens can be acquired by:

  • Participating as an Initial Liquidity Provider for Synthetic Vaults
  • Staking as a Validator or Delegator
  • Keeper Oracle Rewards

Entangle Protocol Tokenomic

How to Participate in the Entangle Testnet


  • A Computer
  • A Browser (for example Chrome, Brave or Opera). 
  • Web3 Wallet such as Metamask installed 
  • Whitelisted Wallet Address

Steps guide : 

2. Connect Wallet by choosing your choice of Web3 Wallet. This guide will be done with a Metamask wallet.

3. Switch network any 

4. Copy the unique message and share it on Twitter 

5. After you have shared, copy the link to the post: (Example )

6. Post the link to the form

7. Click "verify" 

      if you were Whitelisted, you will get a message of successful Validation in the top right corner. (We already take whitelist help of crypto cult telegram channel

8. Adding RPC if you don't know how to add RPC check Metamask article

Network Name: tbsc
New RPC URL: https://nodes.test.entangle.fi/rpc/bsc
Chain ID: 56
Currency Symbol: BNB

Network Name: top
New RPC URL: https://nodes.test.entangle.fi/rpc/optimism
Chain ID: 10
Currency Symbol: OP

Network Name: tavax
New RPC URL: https://nodes.test.entangle.fi/rpc/avalanche
Chain ID: 43114
Currency Symbol: AVAX

Network Name: tarb
New RPC URL: https://nodes.test.entangle.fi/rpc/arbitrum
Chain ID: 42161
Currency Symbol: ETH

Network Name: tftm
New RPC URL: https://nodes.test.entangle.fi/rpc/fantom
Chain ID: 250
Currency Symbol: FTM

Network Name: tmat
New RPC URL: https://nodes.test.entangle.fi/rpc/polygon
Chain ID: 137
Currency Symbol: MATIC

Now let start to interact with this Testnet V1 

  • buy sell token in different chains 


  • provide liquidy 
  • borrow repay tokens
  • stake $ENTGL token 

done more information about this airdrop cover in telegram live sessions 

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