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Twitter - Discord Complete Guide 

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What is Twitter ? 

Twitter is a social media platform where users can post short messages, called "tweets," of up to 280 characters. It allows users to follow other users and receive updates from them, and to interact with each other through liking, retweeting, and replying to tweets. Twitter is used by individuals, organizations, and businesses for a wide range of purposes, including news and information sharing, marketing, customer service, and social networking.

What is Discord?

Discord is a chat and voice communication platform designed for communities of all kinds, including gamers, educators, professionals, and social groups. It allows users to create or join "servers," which are virtual spaces where people can communicate with each other through text, voice, and video. Within servers, users can create or join different "channels," which are like chat rooms dedicated to specific topics or activities. Discord also offers a range of features such as screen sharing, file sharing, and integrations with other apps and services.

How to earn Crypto and Nft by using Discord and Twitter ? 

Twitter : You can earn Crypto token and NFTs by retweet and like theirs post also increase your chances by following but today in this article i only tell you about how you make unlimited twitter Account without Ban Also giving Some strategy to become a pro AirDrop hunter

Discord : Discord is very useful in Crypto you can earn Crypto and NFTs by helping community and engage your performance to earn some valuable postion in their project. Basically you need to take Roles. What is role ?? Roles is a position in your community if you have good postion other members than you got some extra profit while distributing assest today i am telling about how you get role with easy method and how you claim your role and turn into Nfts and Crypto assest.

How to make Unlimited Gmail account ? Without mobile numbers 

Step 1 : Create New G-Mail account 

Step 2: If you know some times Gmail don't need Mobile number. So create Unlimited Gmail I suggest you 

1 device - Make 25 GMail 

2 Device - Make 50 Gmail

I have 16 devices so i already make 350 Gmail And saving all password and Gmail in Excel sheet.

How to Create Unlimited Twitter Account ? Also Giving some tips For ban issues 

Open Incognito Tab

Step 1 : Create New Account 

Step 2 : Enter Your real Name 

Step 3 : Don't make account With Mobile number using Your Gmail 

Step 4 : enter your Date of birth Don't use any random date of birth enter same as Gmail If you make Gmail With DOB 2-2-2023 so giving same DOB in twitter account 

Step 5 : Enter Unique Username you can use Your Gmail ID username also 

Step 6 : Giving Real human image Don't use any Internet Image for uploading in DP if you using Car,god,game, download photo so your account Ban instant Twitter verification Is very Hard in Now days million of Bot account ban 

Step 7 : Don't follow Your same IDs always follow real IDs and Don't increase your following and follower 

Step 8 : Ratio on your IDs 

       Atleast 70 Following in 1 week 

       Atleast 10 real follower In your IDs 

       4 post in week (retweet not count) 

       5 retweet and like In a day with One I'd don't do more than 5 

       Talk any person in a week by chat feature 

It's a complete ✅ guide Of twitter if your followed any 3 to 4 Tips than your account never ban 

Following one more important rule 

Don't Open your IDs in Twitter mobile app always use Browser with Incognito mode. Only login you main I'd in Twitter mobile number

How to Create Unlimited discord ? Without Phone number 

Step 1 : Create New account

Step 2 : Only use Gmail don't enter your mobile number 

In this Trick you need to have Atleast 2 mobile number for better experience

Step 3 : Now join any server and verify yourself but Sometimes Many server need Mobile verification So goto setting and change Add your mobile number 

Than verify your self and remove your number 

Than create another account With Gmail join discord with your Reffer link click verify add your mobile number than verify your self and Remove 

So you can add and remove you 1 mobile number in any server for verification 1 time you verify in server than don't need to verify again also your reffer is counted 

 This trick is very useful in Reffer condition you can get many reffer in discords and get any role 

What is Role ? And how they give profit ? 

Basically Role means is postion like Prime minister Is a Postion if you have any specific postion in community than they give you extra benifit than other members 

This roles is called by whitelist and Og 

Many servers make their Own role like Allowlist and any other 

This roles is giving you Some Nfts i already give you many projects in telegram you can see Some member have Whitelist than they got first chance to mint their Nfts and some projects give tokens also like SNS. If you have Stork role than they give you token in the form of AirDrops

How we get Whitelist ? What is the process ? 

You can get Whitelist by 

Helping other community member 

Impress Admin and mods 

Creating Art 

Tweet and Replies 

Level up in discord with Messages

invite friends to join their community

Games and Giveaways 

First come first serve (FCFS) Basis

In this article i only give your 2 trick For getting any Whitelist easily 

1. Level up by using bot 

2. Inviting With your Secondary accounts 

For giving you Trick first talk about

How to Make Clone of any app ?

All applications download links on Telegram Channel Cryptocult

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