DFYN Potential AirDrop 2023 Like Aptos

DFYN Incentives Testnet AirDrop 2023. In this blog i will tell you about Dyna guild, Discord, trading in dfyn exchange, swaps and meet their partners don't miss this blog otherwise you loss aptos 2023๐Ÿ˜‰ let's start the blog 



What is DFYN ?? 

DFYN is a decentralized AMM (Automated market makers) exchange focused on ultra-fast and gasless swaps as well as Dfyn is the world's first On-Chain limit order DEX.


๐Ÿ’ฒDFYN Invested: $2.9 million from Polygon, Shima Capital, AU21, and DFG

ON 2 February the project has resumed a incentivized testnet, in which by completing daily tasks to February 13, we will earn points, which will be converted into project tokens $DFYN after the testnet ends.


- Make a swap (2 times a day) — 10 points

- Add liquidity — 30 points

- Remove some liquidity — 10 points

- Remove all liquidity — 10 points

- Open a limit order — 20 points

- Close a limit order — 10 points

- Fire a partially completed limit order — 45 points

- Fire a fully executed limit order — 30 points

- Participants with 1600+ points will receive 1 $DFYN token for every 2 points.

- Participants with less than 1600 points will receive 1 $DFYN Token for every 3 points.

- Participants who completed all 8 tasks in all 12 days will get 2500 $DFYN tokens on top.

๐Ÿ†Winners: 1000

For testing, we need a MetaMask wallet and $MATIC tokens to pay transaction fees.


  • Join guild and claim all roles 
  • Collect Faucet token 
  • Swap tokens
  • Add liquidity
  • Remove Some liquidity
  • Remove all liquidity
  • Open  Limit order 
  • Close Limit order
  • Claim executed Order
  • Claim fully executed warrent
  • Testnet ✅ done 

Beginner Guide for all users.

1. Join guild and claim all roles

- Click join guild to get role and verify your discord and Metamask wallet
- Claim all roles by joining discord and following twitter 

2. Collect Faucet token 

- Connect you Metamask wallet with polygon mainnet network
- Claim test token 
     • $TUSDC
     • $TETH
     • $TMON

3. Swap tokens

- Click on swap 
- Swap in 2 valid pairs 
- Don't use Max mentioned amount manually
- approved transction confirmation in metamask
- swap tokens and Confirmed transaction in metamask 

Do this same process 2 time in different pairs 

4. Adding liquidity

- Click on pools

- Click new postion

- select pair for adding liquidity
- click on full range 

- Enter amount 
- Approved transaction done ✅

5. Remove Some liquidity

- click Out of range 

-click remove liquidity

- remove 25% liquidity
- approved transction

- refresh website 
- remove 100% liquidity
- approved transction

Do this step 1 time only in a day 

6. Open  Limit order and Close Order 

- Click limit 
- Select valid pairs
- open 25% potion 

- refresh website and Close order 

7. Claim executed Order

- Open atleast 8 9 order in different different pairs 
- Now wait for market move when market movement than you can see your order is having claim option 
- Click on cliam 
- ✅ 

Now so this task regular till 14th Feb and wait for my next announcement and update 

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